Sunday, 19 February 2012

Water Marbled Nails

One of my friends suggested I try water marbling, so I did. It is my first attempt, so some are better than others, but overall I really like the effect. 
 This thumb nail is my favourite. I love how complicated it looks, but it's actually not that tricky. Just beware the amount of clean up that will be needed!
Hope you like them :)
Products used: White - Barry M (Matte White)
                       Light Purple - Avon
                       Dark Purple - Avon
                       Dark Green - Barry M

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Apple nails

 My cousin sent me a link to bubzbeauty's video on youtube (look her up - seriously cute designs) so I gave the look a go.
You have to ignore the odd nails lengths; there were several casualties over Christmas.
I'm pretty happy with them, the green looks more appley and not so washed out in real life.
Products used: Green - Barry M (Spring Green)
                       Red - Nails Inc. (Victoria and Albert)
                       Brown - Me Me Me (Amethyst)
                       Beige - Nails Inc. (Basil Street)
                       Dark green - mix of green and brown

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Pokemon Nails!

Pokemon are awesome. Voila pokemon.
The centres are actually silver, I know you can't really see it with the flash.
 Yeah, Pikachu.
Products used: *will be updated later*

Festive colours

I know these are uber late, but these were my Christmas nails. basically I got three new nail varnishes for free and wanted to use them. So I went for an abstract-y design in festive-y colours.

I hope you like them, and I hope I get some designs up with a bit more regularity in the future...
Products used: *will be updated soon*