Thursday, 29 January 2015

Silver Leaf Nail Art

So I finally got around to doing a nail design based on my awesome ring from Nova Silver
I don't think I entirely did the gorgeousness justice, but I do quite like it.
This is the design...

...with the ring...

...and a close up.

This is the ring. I have more info and pictures on my other blog, which you can see here.

Hope you like.

These are the products I used

nailgirls Base and Top Coat
Nails Inc.polish in Wigmore Street
Barry M Nail Art Pen in Black
Barry M Nail Art Pen in Silver

Thursday, 6 November 2014


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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween Spiderweb Nails + Tutorial

More Halloween nails! Woohoo!
I have a slight purple obsession, so there are multiple shades of it here. I used silver instead of just white for the webs because I think it makes it look a little more 3 dimensional.
 I'm weirdly proud of my wobbly spider. I call him Boris.
I also made a video tutorial for these. I made it a long time ago. Don't judge me.
If you want to check out any of my other videos, you can do so here
Hope you like them!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Nightmare Before Christmas

So it's possible you think it's too early for a Halloween design. You'd be wrong. I don't think there's ever a wrong time to be sporting Jack Skellington.
It's a pre-clean up picture. I got a bit overexcited.
Let me know what you think. :)
Products used: Purple - Avon
                       Glitter - No. 7 (In the Stars)
                       White - Rio Nail Art
                       Black - Barry M Nail Art Pen

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

New York Fashion Week Inspired

There were all kinds of fancy nails going on at NYFW. One of my favourite designs was the half-moon reverse manicure, seen at Azede Jean-Pierre (by OPI) and at Libertine (by Butter London). So I decided to give it a go.

One of the best things about this design is you can make it as easy or as complicated as you want. If you're not confident freehand, then you can use either a nail tip guide or a punched hole reinforcements. Beyond that, you can use any colour and embellishments you choose!

I went for a spring green colour on most nails (another popular trend), and tried out one of the new Revlon scented polishes. It genuinely smelled like Lime Basil for a day, but it didn't last beyond that. I also went for a glitter on the bling finger, obvs.

Another advantage of the style is that when it starts to grow out, no-one needs to know!
Hope you like.
Products used: Green - Revlon Parfumerie (Lime Basil)
                       Green Glitter - No. 7 (Paradise Love)

Monday, 17 February 2014

Valentine's Mix & Match

So I did a Valentine's Day look. I quite like it.
I did a full post on my friend Siobhan's lovely blog, which you can see here if you so choose.
You should check out her blog anyway, she's a very interesting lady.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Nail Polish Collection

So as the title suggests, this is my collection of nail polishes. Not gonna lie, there are a fair few. 176 to be precise. Anywho, thought it might be of interest, so here they be.
Peeling and Brittleness Solver
Revitacool Basecoat
Gel Strength Basecoat
Sheer Vanilla
French White (x2)
Nailwear Pro in Deluxe Chocolate
Colortrend in Suede
Mirror Shine in Gold Foil
Nailwear Pro+ in Golden Vision
Speed Dry in Suddenly Sunny
Nailwear Pro in Star
French Nude (x2)
Speed Dry in Swift Sherbet
Nailwear Pro+ (P603)
Nailwear Pro+ in Lucky Penny
Nailwear Pro+ in Real Red
Nailwear Pro+ (P605)
Speed Dry in Asap Pink
Nailwear Pro in Pastel Pink
Nailwear Pro in Romance
Nailwear Pro in Luxe Lavender
Nailwear Pro+ (P601)
Nailwear Pro in Decadence
Matte Nailwear in Violetta
Nailwear Pro in Midnight Plum
Nailwear Pro in Violetta Sparkle
Nailwear Pro+ (P604)
Speed Dry in Limeade
Speed Dry in Fast Time Teal
Nailwear Pro in Peppermint
Barry M:
Limited Edition F (344)
Hologram (244)
Silver Glitter (149)
Matt White (66) (x2)
Crackle Effects (316)
Matte Vanilla (MNP4)
Atlantic Road (TNP2)
Limited Edition B (325)
Princess (TNP5)
Bright Purple (303)
Magenta Glitter (336)
Raspberry (273)
Passion Fruit (GNP16)
Red Glitter (150)
Amethyst Glitter (354)
Countess (TNP9)
Racing Green (299)
Watermelon (GNP3)
Teal (334)
Spring Green (290)
Cyan Blue (294)
Cobalt Blue (291)
Cackle Effects (311)
Nail Art Pen in Silver
Nail Art Pen in Black
 17 (now Seventeen):
Nail Xtras Matte Top Coat
Nail Xtras Glitter Top Coat
Lasting Fix in Sherbet Lemon
Fast Finish in Cupcake
Lasting Fix in Forever
Lasting Fix in Toasted Almond
Nail Xtras Crackle Top Coat
Lasting Fix in Glisten
Lasting Fix in Orange Soda
Lasting Fix in Tropical Island
Beach Carnival in Coral Reef
Vintage in Flare
High Gloss in Luau
Lasting Fix in Pink Grapefruit
Fast Finish in Knockout Red
High Gloss in Risky Red
Fast Finish in Peacock
Fast Finish in Moonstruck
Lasting Fix in Smoke Signal
Fast Finish in Nightshade
 Nails Inc:
Glamour Glitter
Kate Spade in Uptown Glamour
Basil Street
Jermyn Street
Luminous Red Gloss
Luminous Red Metallic
Victoria & Albert
Bruton Street (x2)
Natural Collection:
Crystal Clear (x2)
Antique Coral
Pink Manicure
PS1982-01 Magnetic
Ebellish in Wear It Pink
No. 7:
Stay Perfect in In The Stars
Gel-Look Shine in Peacock Green
Stay Perfect in Paradise Love
Stay Perfect in Star Shower
Stay Perfect in Taffeta
Ultimate Nail Colour in Bronze Berry
Strictly Come Dancing:
Cha Cha
Collection 2000 (now Collection):
Lasting Colour in Liquorice (1)
Maxiflex in Electric Punk (329)
Hot Looks in Bongo Beat (37)
Hot Looks in Spangles (31)
Hot Looks in Mint Mojo (38)
Hot Looks in Button Moon (33)
Hot Looks in BMX Bandit (32)
Alloys in Rose Metal (290)
Hot Looks in Hip Hop (28)
Rio Nail Art:
Purple Shimmer
Silver Shimmer

 Sally Hansen:
Hard as Wraps
Double Duty
Morrison's Complexions:
The Color Institute:
French White
Mint Candy Apple (99)
Nice is Nice (38)
Marks & Spencer:
Lilac Planet (593)
Andrea Fullerton:
Oops! Varnish Clean Up
Triple Action Undercoat
Stripe & Sparkle in India
Trio in Gold Finger
Trio in Rain Fall
Moon Candy in Meteor (260)
Siren (440)
60 Seconds Stars in Star Dust (621)
Sinful Colors:
All About You (921)
Me Me Me:
Metallic Ultra Gloss in Amethyst (7)
Saturdays Magnetism in All Fired Up Red
Rouge (69230)
So Laque Ultra Shine in Rose Lounge (28)
Headline Colors:
Poolside Party (083)
Saphyr Lurex
Claire's Accessories (now Claire's):
Cream in Rougemarie
Cream in Blueblood
In a New York Minute in Full Metal Jacket (002)
Expert Last in Fine Red Wine (235)

So some fun facts: 
1) All the full size Nails Inc polishes were free (my favourite price)
2) The Rio set was he present that got me started in nail art, so ta Mum!
3) I had to adjust my layout to fit all the pictures in.
And here's a photo of all together while I was organising them for photographing.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Cupcake Nails

 Cupcakes, sweet cakes for all! Who doesn't love a cupcake?
 The smudgy bit near the gem is a lesson for us all: always use clear to stick on gems, don't try and match the colour.
Products used: Pale yellow - 17 (Sherbet Lemon)
                       Yellow - Barry M
                       Pale pink - Avon (Pastel Pink)
                       Pink - Barry M
                       Pale purple - Avon (Luxe Lavender)
                       Purple - Barry M (Bright Purple)
                       Pale blue - Collection 2000
                       Blue - Barry M (Cobalt Blue)
                       Pale Green - Collection 2000
                       Green - Barry M (Spring Green)
                       Brown - Me Me Me (Amethyst)
                       Black - Rio Nail Art

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Post-Christmas Sparkle

They're not clever, they're not smart, what they are is sparkly and fun. I got nail stuff for Christmas (it's almost as if people think I'm into nails) so I played with it.
This was also my first go with caviar nails. It looked better without topcoat but mixing topcoatless caviar with work was just not going to happen. I liked the set, it comes with a plastic tray to catch beads that don't stick and a funnel to get them back in the bottle so you don't waste any.
Products used: Purple Glitter - Barry M (Magenta)
                       Pink Caviar - Primark (Breast Cancer Support Kit)

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Island Paradise

Last year, my friend Siobhan (unexpectedgeek), who is the make up guru of our little shop, asked me to a summery design to promote bright nail vanishes. This is what I settled on.
I used a sponge to create the gradient effect, and applied a thin, cheap base coat before it set to help it all blend. It also gave me an excuse to try out the Barry M nail art pens and grab a few new colours.
I was quite impressed with the pen. It very east to use, almost like drawing with a felt tip. I did notice that I had to go over a few bits more than once to get a solid dark line. Also, do not leave off top coat! It wears off very easily if not sealed.
Products used: Pinky red - Barry M (Passion Fruit)
                       Orange - 17 (Orange Soda)
                       Yellow - Barry M (Limited Edition B)
                       Black - Barry M