Friday, 26 November 2010

Experiments with Rhinestones and the like

I found all manners of glittery things and decided to shove them on my nails. Here are a few of the results.The Orange Flower look is inspired by a design on my.coolnailsart but I can't remember who.
 Very simple blue with sparkles.
 Sorry for the bad lighting of this photo. This is my most recent nail design (I still have it). In real life, it's covered in a glittery top coat.
Products used: Orange flower: Orange - 2True (No. 15)
                                               Black - Rio Nail Art Polish
                                               Green - Rio Nail Art Polish
                                               Silver - Rio Nail Art Polish
                        Blue sparkle: Blue - Collection 2000 (Electric Punk)
                        Purple glittery: Dark purple - 2True (No. 13)
                                               Lighter purple - Rio Nail Art Polish
                                               Silver - Bichun (No. 6888)
                                               Glitter - Barry M

Poddington Peas

I did Poddington Peas nails! I'm pretty proud of these ones. As you can see, my hand is bandaged up there so I could only do the one hand. The peas are thumb: Dum-pea; and from the left: Sweet pea, Grump-pea, Zip-pea, and Black eyed pea.
I mixed the greens together to get more shades.
Products used: Blue - Barry M
                       Lightest green (Dump-pea) - Collection 2000 Hot Looks (Mint Mojo)
                       Light metallic green (Zip-pea) - Avon (Limeade)
                       Dark metallic green (Black eyed pea) - Barry M
                       Yellow (Sweet pea's hair) - Barry M
                       Light metallic brown (pastry) - 17 (Toasted Almond)
                       Pink (Sweet pea's bow) - 17 Vintage (Flare)
                       Red (pie filling & Zip-pea's hat) - 2True (No. 24)
                       Black - Rio Nail Art Polish
                       White - Rio Nail Art Polish

Comedy Festival Nails

I did my nails especially for my trip to Edinburgh in August. This is what I came up with; Cheshire Cat!
 There is the possibility that I got 2 new purple polishes and wanted to use them.
Products used: Pale yellow - 17 (Sherbet Lemon)
                       Darker yellow (eyes) - Barry M
                       Pink (ears & nose) - 17 Vintage (Flare)
                       Lightest purple - Avon (Lavender)
                       Mid purple - Collection 2000 Hot Looks (BMX Bandit)
                       Darkest purple - Barry M
                       Black - Rio Nail Art Polish
                       White - Rio Nail Art Polish

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Nail Foil Experiment

I had an experiment with nail foils. I like the result, but they can be difficult to use. The set I have comes with a 2 in 1 base and top coat, and you definately need it. Especially as a top coat, otherwise it starts to peel. 
Anywho, these are my attempts with them. First: disco nails!
 Blue and Gold. I really like this one, it looks sort of regal.
Products used: Nail foils - Rio Professional Nail Foil Set
                       Blue - Collection 2000 Maxiflex (Electric Punk)
                       Gold (french tips) - Avon Mirror Shine (Gold Foil)

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


I wanted a bright and colourful design for my summer holiday (to Bristol, but a holiday's a holiday), so I did a rainbow version of Wah Nails' "Pow" design. There are also 2 fairly obscure references in there, 5 points to anyone who can guess them.
 Close up of my left hand...
 And a decidedly blurry not-really-close up of my right hand.
Products used: Yellow - Barry M
                       Orange - Collection 200 Hot Looks (Hip Hop)
                       Red - Nails Inc. (Victoria & Albert)
                       Blue - Barry M
                       Green - Barry M
                       White - Collection 2000 (French White)
                       Black - Rio Nail Art Polish

Monday, 22 November 2010

Mum's Strawberries

My Mum has never had her nails done before, so I decided to give them a makeover. I did this over the summer, so they're strawberries in honour of Wimbledon.
 And a (slightly burry) close up of a strawberry finger.
Products used: Red -Nails Inc. (Victoria & Albert)
                       Green - Rio Nail Art Polish
                       Yellow - Rio Nail Art Polish

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Lucy's Manicure

My friend Lucy introduced me to Wah Nails (an incredible salon, their designs are the best) and in return I gave her a manicure with two designs inspired by the wonderful Wah. 
The first is Bumble Bees.
 And the second is Cookie Monsters, which is one of my favourite designs. Sorry about the poor lighting.
So thanks to Lucy and to Wah Nails for these.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

My entries into 3TanjaJ3's Contest

A while ago now, 3TanjaJ3 held a vacation themed nail art contest on YouTube. These were my entries. Tutorials are available for each design, just search for my user name; mohnblume11 or click the links before each picture.
The first is an eiffel tower at night design. (Video)
 The second design is a palm tree silhouetted against a sunset. (Video)
 The third is ice cream. There's always room for ice cream. (Video)
 The final design is a fruit salad and it's kind of almost 3D. (Video)
So yeah, those are my vacation themed nails. Now very out of season, but there you are.