Thursday, 23 January 2014

Island Paradise

Last year, my friend Siobhan (unexpectedgeek), who is the make up guru of our little shop, asked me to a summery design to promote bright nail vanishes. This is what I settled on.
I used a sponge to create the gradient effect, and applied a thin, cheap base coat before it set to help it all blend. It also gave me an excuse to try out the Barry M nail art pens and grab a few new colours.
I was quite impressed with the pen. It very east to use, almost like drawing with a felt tip. I did notice that I had to go over a few bits more than once to get a solid dark line. Also, do not leave off top coat! It wears off very easily if not sealed.
Products used: Pinky red - Barry M (Passion Fruit)
                       Orange - 17 (Orange Soda)
                       Yellow - Barry M (Limited Edition B)
                       Black - Barry M

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