Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Pool Balls for Edinburgh

 I have a tradition of having relatively simple, but eye-catching nails for my annual visit to Edinburgh. Last year it was Cheshire Cats. This year I went with my mum's suggestion of pool balls. They're numerically accurate as well, my mum would settle for nothing less.
This is the left hand. I prefer the mix of colours on this hand, but I couldn't do a pool ball design without the 8 ball. There'd be chaos.
Products used: Black - Collection 2000 (Liquorice)
                       White - Barry M
                       Green - Barry M
                       Blue - Barry M
                       Purple - Barry M
                       Yellow - Barry M
                       Red - 17
                       Orange - Collection 2000 Hot Looks (Hip Hop)
                       Thin tipped black - Rio Nail Art Polish

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