Friday, 26 November 2010

Poddington Peas

I did Poddington Peas nails! I'm pretty proud of these ones. As you can see, my hand is bandaged up there so I could only do the one hand. The peas are thumb: Dum-pea; and from the left: Sweet pea, Grump-pea, Zip-pea, and Black eyed pea.
I mixed the greens together to get more shades.
Products used: Blue - Barry M
                       Lightest green (Dump-pea) - Collection 2000 Hot Looks (Mint Mojo)
                       Light metallic green (Zip-pea) - Avon (Limeade)
                       Dark metallic green (Black eyed pea) - Barry M
                       Yellow (Sweet pea's hair) - Barry M
                       Light metallic brown (pastry) - 17 (Toasted Almond)
                       Pink (Sweet pea's bow) - 17 Vintage (Flare)
                       Red (pie filling & Zip-pea's hat) - 2True (No. 24)
                       Black - Rio Nail Art Polish
                       White - Rio Nail Art Polish

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