Friday, 26 November 2010

Experiments with Rhinestones and the like

I found all manners of glittery things and decided to shove them on my nails. Here are a few of the results.The Orange Flower look is inspired by a design on my.coolnailsart but I can't remember who.
 Very simple blue with sparkles.
 Sorry for the bad lighting of this photo. This is my most recent nail design (I still have it). In real life, it's covered in a glittery top coat.
Products used: Orange flower: Orange - 2True (No. 15)
                                               Black - Rio Nail Art Polish
                                               Green - Rio Nail Art Polish
                                               Silver - Rio Nail Art Polish
                        Blue sparkle: Blue - Collection 2000 (Electric Punk)
                        Purple glittery: Dark purple - 2True (No. 13)
                                               Lighter purple - Rio Nail Art Polish
                                               Silver - Bichun (No. 6888)
                                               Glitter - Barry M

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